Doug Mann for Minneapolis School Board / text of half-sheet flyer

Doug Mann for Minneapolis School Board (Citywide) 2014
Education is a right, not a privilege! Demand a quality public education for all on an equal basis

Expect low teacher turnover rates in all schools
Reduce concentration of inexperienced teachers by retaining, not firing most teachers during their 3 year probationary period.
Eliminate watered-down curriculum tracks
Differences in abilities can be accommodated without "ability-grouping," examples: Montessori, Barton Open School.
Say 'no' to corporate-style reforms and privatization 
Fix the public schools, rather than herd students into charter schools.  Preserve due process, seniority, and tenure rights for teachers.

"The racial achievement gap reflects not only differences in poverty rates, but also unequal conditions of learning in the public school system, including racial disparities in exposure of students to inexperienced teachers and watered-down curriculum.  Education has a credentialing function: Many jobs require a college degree.

"There is widespread, covert discrimination in housing and job markets, yet no government agency empowered to detect and prosecute the discriminators. The 40 year old "war on drugs" has failed to reduce drug use, but has been very effective in criminalizing, disenfranchising, and marginalizing people of color, "

Endorsed by New Progressive Alliance, seeking endorsements from Green Party and Democratic Socialists of America
Prepared and paid for by
Mann for School Board, 3706 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55412

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